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Michael Markstahler is the president of RDI

Born March 27, 1950 

Michael has a B.A. from the University of Illinois 1972 as well as two
 years of graduate studies.

In the field actual working with tools Michael has a total of 8 years and 3 months.

Michael has written articles for The Journal of Light Construction and has contributed chapters to publications of the National Association of Home Builders.

Michael has taught carpentry apprenticeship courses for Associated Builders and Contractors and has taught the Structural and Building Design Course for the Graduate Builders Institute of the National Association of Homebuilders.

Michael has given many educational seminars at the National Association of Homebuilders Convention on a wide range of topics.

Professional Affiliations:
Michael has been active in several national professional trade associations. He has been most active in the National Association of Homebuilders. He has held several offices with the local chapter, served on and chaired several committees on the state level, served on the board of directors, several committees and council posts at the national level. On all levels his main areas of interest were education and legislation.

Michael first resigned as the Vice President of the East Central Illinois Home Builders Association in 1990 to avoid the appearance of conflict of interest when he Was appointed as a Commissioner on the City of Champaign Plan Commission.

After several years of soul searching Michael resigned all of his national positions and his membership in the National Association of Homebuilders. As Michael states, "I had a growing difficulty in reconciling the board voted national policies of NAHB regarding land use and the environment and my personal beliefs. I no longer could go up on the Hill and lobby for issues that I personally disagreed with. NAHB is filled with many wonderful people but I could no longer with good conscience be a part of it."

Public Service: In the past Michael has served on many different local boards and committees. His main area of interest for many years was his service on the City of Champaign Plan Commission, which he chaired for four terms. He states, "I was honored to have participated in the creation of Champaign’s Comprehensive Plan. I regard it as the most important thing this City has done in this half of the century. Champaign is on the cusp of many important changes. Only with good thoughtful planning can we insure that the Champaign of the future will be a place we all would be proud to call home."

He also represented Champaign on the 150 Corridor Plan Steering Committee. Today he is a commissioner on Champaign's Human Relations Commission, where he is the chair of its education committee.

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Michael Markstahler

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